Random Musings

Just things I feel are noteworthy
Seat Sale
Aer Lingus love to rub it in.
I Booked Art Soc’s Flights with them. 24 people, Costing more than 3 grand.

They’ve emailed me twice to rub in the fact that they are now having a seat sale. and the seats are €10 less than the price I payed for them.

Stop Emailing Me!:(

Got to watch the first 2 episodes so far. I really like it so far! Though I prefer the novel’s setting and such than the shows(Instead of an LA FBI thing like the tv show, it’s based around the LHC and CERN)

Taken quite a few photos of the snow/in the snow/general stuff on my iphone. Finally starting to upload them online 🙂
heres a few..
The Avenue in DCU.

Belgard Luas Stop in the snow(I love the reflection of the sun in the tracks)

The Old Belgard Road(Usually very busy but completely empty here)

Hopefully you’ll see more photos here


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